OUR INVISIBLE ILLNESS… How we deal with Endometriosis …

Ovaries, cramps and periods, ... we’re talking about talking about it all and hopefully it helps you feel less alone. xo's ~ Tati 😇 TODAY LAST CHANCE FREE SHIPPING 🦋 » » » https://halobeauty.com and https://TatiBeauty.com ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS The month of March brings women, families and medical communities together for Endometriosis Awareness Month. During this time, millions of people all over the world honor this month to recognize the 176 million women who suffer from this disease. ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D FACE: BITE Beauty Flexible Coverage…
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Sarah Hyland on Dealing with Chronic Health Issues and Suicidal Thoughts

Actress Sarah Hyland sat down with Ellen, and divulged what it’s been like dealing with a slew of health issues, including endometriosis and gout, for the past few years. The 28-year-old discussed her two kidney transplants, dealing with depression, working through pain while filming “Modern Family,” and shared what helped her get over her suicidal thoughts. #SarahHyland #TheEllenShow #ModernFamily 482560 14357 231 0
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