It’s HUGE! Building out my camper van workspace with 5K screen, new lights, and charge station

For the past two years, I have explored the far reaches of the Western states in my custom camper van that me and my friends built from the ground up. With each new adventure, I uncover new ideas to implement and further improve our build, and today we are focused on increasing work productivity!

Last year when I was back on the east coast, we embarked on a massive renovation that would increase the overall livability of the van, and I have absolutely LOVED having these upgrades throughout last year.

Now, I’m back on the east coast again, and I’ve been hanging out working with my buddy Seth. He’s recently converted his three car garage into a massive productivity workspace complete with bike mechanic corner, woodworking area, video production studio, and even a lounge area and break room! Let me tell you, this place is DIALED, and working here over the past couple months has gotten me thinking about how I can improve my workspace and productivity in in the van.

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